Independent Training Providers

Independent Training Providers (ITPs) are a key part of the Further Education provider infrastructure, supporting learners and employers through the delivery of apprenticeships adult skills, education for young people and specialist provision.

The key difference between an ITP and an FE College is that an ITP can be either privately owned, run by a third sector organisation, CIC or charity.

ITP’s are subject to OFSTED,  ESFA/Government quality inspections and audits just like colleges are. ITP’s offer a diverse range of courses, and each ITP will provide a unique set of programmes. You can check individual provider websites for specific details of their offer.

Example training can include Apprenticeships, post 16 study programmes, back to work employability courses for job seekers, personal development and life skills courses, English and maths, in-work skills development training for staff career progression and adult education courses for work or leisure.

ITP provision can take place in a training centre, community setting or in the workplace and is often flexible to suit the requirements of both the students and employers (where an employer is involved).

Class sizes can vary according to the type of programme being delivered and the needs of the group. Being employed as a tutor in an ITP can be very rewarding and can often suit learners and staff who are looking to work in an alternative setting to a traditional college environment.

To find contact details for Independent providers in your area, please visit your local training provider network members directory:



“It’s fantastic seeing students achieve great results and progress into an excellent career.”

Deborah Gibson, Accountancy Lecturer, MidKent College

“I decided to become a lecturer after having my children and I find it extremely rewarding, especially seeing the learners that have no direction at all finding a career path.”

Lauren Maloney, Head of Construction, South Essex College

“Working as a lecturer is a fantastic job; no two days are the same. You get to enhance and develop the skills of all these new students who want to become top chefs and work around the country. Some of our students go on to work in top Michelin star restaurants.”

Gareth Oliver, Chef Lecturer, East Kent College

“Lecturing is rewarding, engaging and addictive. You can start one or two days a week, but I warn you it’s something you will want to do more and more.”

George Hedges, Digital Media Lecturer, East Sussex College


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