What attributes should you have to become a successful lecturer within the post-16 sector?

Teaching, lecturing, tutoring – whatever you call the act of standing up in front of a classroom full of learners with high expectations of you is not for the faint hearted!

Key attributes for those thinking of embarking on a career should be:

  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Tolerance
  • Understanding
  • Tenacity
  • Steadfastness
  • Humour
  • Honesty
  • Integrity

Whether you are teaching young people or adults, you will find that there is more to the role than just imparting knowledge and skills. Many individual learners need extra support and understanding. They may have had a negative experience at school and the post-16 education environment is very much a second chance for them. You could well be the person that makes the difference between them going on to have successful careers and lives or not.

Many lecturers find themselves viewed as role models by their students which is why it is so important to have the attributes listed above. This role carries considerable responsibility with it but can be so very rewarding also which is why despite these responsibilities, so many people do decide to leave industry to become lecturers.


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