What other roles are there within the post-16 education sector as well as lecturer?

The post of a lecturer may not be for everyone. There is a second role within the post-16 education sector; that of an assessor, sometimes known as tutor/assessor. This role is particularly relevant to the delivery of apprenticeship programmes. The assessor will work with apprentices both within their workplace and at either a college or independent training organisation. They will support the apprentice in developing their skills and will also assess their levels of competence. Assessors also prepare apprentices for what is known as the Gateway Stage of their Apprenticeship Standard, which leads to their End Point Assessment (EPA).

The role of assessor has changed in recent years with the reforming of the apprenticeship system within England, Wales and Northern Ireland. As a result there is a further role established, that of the Independent End Point Assessor. These individuals may work for colleges and/or independent training organisations, but they may also work with End Point Assessment Organisations who are now responsible for conducting the final assessment stage of an apprenticeship programme.


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