What will I do as an Assessor?

Assessors play a critical part in the teaching, learning and assessment activities of further education organisations. Working closely with the rest of the teaching team, assessors are often a regular key contact with employers. This role can often be the first stepping stone into teaching for industry employees moving in to further education.

Assessors are normally employed to support apprentices on their apprenticeship programme (referred to as an Apprenticeship Standard), however, being an assessor may also involve knowledge and skills assessment of shorter part-time professional qualification programmes.

You will be appointed to the role of an assessor because you have comprehensive technical and vocational skills, knowledge and experience which are up to date and industry relevant. You will be expected to have a relevant vocational qualification at or above level 3, and hold teaching and/or assessor qualifications, or be willing to work towards them whilst carrying out this role.

Assessors are normally allocated to a ‘Caseload’ of learners which would be a number of apprentices who are working within a particular industry, employed by a specific company as a recognised apprentice who is working and studying on a specific Apprenticeship Standard.

This role requires someone who is computer literate and is willing to work in a flexible and responsive manner to the needs of the specific industry and employers. On a daily basis you will be developing, agreeing and delivering realistic plans for learning and assessment with learners, including the identification of different needs and monitoring of learners’ progress.

The role of an assessor may also involve the following activities:

Planning the assessment process with learners & other people involved, including establishing and developing employer participation;

Giving learners feedback & support on assessment decisions, including delivery of underpinning knowledge and other critical areas of the Apprenticeship Standard;

Conducting timely reviews in line with national and local procedures;

Contributing to the internal quality assurance process and responsible for outstanding quality standards throughout all aspects of delivery;

You would be expected to ensure the retention and timely achievement of all learners;

Some Assessors are also expected to support the recruitment of new learners.


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